Pietre/Sculpture is a collection of natural stone mosaics, composed of tesserae mounted on mesh that vary in shape, the type of stone used and the surface processing.
Suitable for both floor and wall coverings, the Pietre/Sculpture series is perfect for wide laying but also for the creation of bands, borders or even thin friezes, obtained by sectioning the module between one row of tiles and the next.

Tatami is composed of natural stone tiles arranged in an irregular brick pattern, in rows running horizontally.
While half of the tiles have a smooth surface, the other half has a bush-hammered finish, making it particularly suitable for use as a shower floor.

  • Tatami Grey with pietra serena stone
  • Tatami Brown with walnut travertine
  • Tatami White with bright white Brač stone from Croatia.

The Shakkei article is composed of several rows of thin 7 mm high rods, which mix the same Tatami stones in different proportions: Shakkei Grey is easier to match with cold tones while Shakkei Beige is perfect for warmer colour combinations.

Sculpture is a multi-format module composed of tiles of seven different sizes, in three different surface finishes: polished, matt and bush-hammered.
The stones used for the three available colour variants are: Bianco Carrara, Travertino Wood (veined) and Granito Greco. It is a product of great aesthetic refinement, extremely complex to compose.

Natural stone mosaic suitable for indoor residential and public floors and walls; also suitable for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, spas and swimming pools.


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