Obtained by cutting natural mother-of-pearl, this collection of real shell mosaic is the result of an entirely artisanal production process.

The infinite opalescent shades make it a mosaic with great decorative potential, refined and precious, in four colours: Oro, Rosa, Bianco and Brown.
While the Pink colour unfolds the full chromatic range of the mother-of-pearl, the White selects only the lightest tones; Oro and Brown come from an electro-colouring process typically used for metals (electrolysis).

The natural differences in tone and the not perfectly regular cut of the tesserae are intrinsic characteristics of this totally handmade collection.

Perla is a mother-of-pearl mosaic suitable for interior wall coverings. It can also be used for showers; in this case the use of neutral detergents is strongly recommended. It is not suitable for swimming pools as it is sensitive to acids.


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