Progetto Piscina

Glass paste mosaic is widely used in the cladding of swimming pools and wellness areas in spas and thermal centres. The link between mosaic and water has a rich history, from the Roman era to Art Nouveau. In addition to its unique and versatile aesthetics, our swimming pool mosaic has many practical advantages.

The glass paste resists any chemical treatment of the pool water and is resistant to abrasion. The surface is very easy to clean and resistant to ageing. Due to its composition, glass mosaic is a highly hygienic material with a high resistance to soiling. The wide variety of colours available allows exclusive and totally customisable colour compositions.

Point Antislip A+B+C
This consists of sandblasting a circular portion in the centre of the tile, large enough to cover most of the surface; in this way, the mosaic treated in this way will be suitable (in compliance with DIN 51097 A+B+C) for all those areas considered slippery. This process is available, upon request, on all collections with 2x2 cm tiles, such as the Project Base 2x2, Project Plus 2x2 and Gold/Bronze 2x2 series.

Modulo Wave
Waves of colour edged with white, simulating the foam of the sea: Progetto Piscina proposes a sinuous motif developed on 4 modules measuring 32.5x32.5 cm, for a total module size of 65x65 cm. Tiles measuring 2x2 cm (4 mm thick) generate shades of blue, lilac, dark brown and grey that lighten up to white.

Decori Piscina
Delfino, Rosa dei Venti and the Greek decoration are available in standard sizes and colours. However, the proposed decorations can be produced with all monochrome products in 2x2 cm tiles. On request, they can also be reproportioned based on specific measurements. Personalised designs can also be produced on request.

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