Punto Linea

In this glass paste mosaic, the alternation of dots and lines on the laid surface appears random at first glance, due to the different orientation of the segments, now horizontal and now vertical.

The laying module coincides with the single sheet of mosaic, creating a lively, fragmented and at the same time regular decoration.

Available in four colour variants, Punto Linea enhances the colour of the background while retaining a marked graphic matrix.
A balance made possible by the combination of the colours proposed, according to a varying degree of contrast.

This glass paste mosaic mounted on glass fibre mesh offers a selection of colours from the R.A.L. collection, with which it can be perfectly matched.
The 4 mm thick tiles measure 1.5 x 1.5 cm and have a softly irregular surface.

Glue and grout are supplied on request, in quantities proportionate to the mosaic purchased.
It is always possible to customise the colours of the design at no extra charge, using the R.A.L. range.

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