Trama 2x2

Trama 2×2 declines in two colour variants a sort of quilting that multiplies the possible geometries, catching the eye.

In terms of colour, this collection of glass paste mosaics plays on the sharp contrast of black and white, with proposals that are the negative of each other: drawing on colours from the Project Base (black) and Madreperla 2×2 (white) collections, Trama 2×2 proposes a black texture on a white background or a white texture on a black background.
This makes these two mosaics combinable with their respective backgrounds, with which they share the same size (2×2 cm) and thickness (4 mm) of the tessera.

Repeatability of the design is achieved by composing 4 sheets of 32.5×32.5 cm, for a module measuring 65×65 cm overall.

Glue and grout are supplied on request, in quantities proportionate to the mosaic purchased.
It is always possible to customise the colours of the design using all our single-colour products in the 2×2 cm format.

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