Collezione Mosaico Artistico

The mosaic in its truest essence, when it returns to become a precious and evocative decorative art, with a millenary artistic and architectural history.

Our collection of artistic mosaics offers, purely as an example, some floral subjects in the 100×200 cm format. Dahlias, lilies, camellias or poppies with vivid colours and refined details emerge from the monochromatic or softly shaded background, indisputable protagonists of the living space. But thanks to the technique of artistic mosaic it is possible to reproduce, according to agreed proportions, drawings, images or logos supplied by the customer.

Even today, as it has been for centuries, the designs we propose and those requested by customers are handmade by expert masters of art, using the most diverse colours (even those not in the range), with the aim of achieving the greatest possible fidelity between the original reference and the artistic mosaic.

In order to detail the subject as much as possible, the tiles are shaped by breaking them one by one. The presence of different colours and surface finishes, selected according to the taste and experience of the craftsman mosaicist, is to be considered a characteristic aspect of this type of mosaic as it increases its overall value.

To facilitate installation, artistic mosaics are mounted on fibreglass mesh and broken up into as few pieces as possible, according to shapes (supplied numbered) compatible with the lines of the design. A minimum quantity of each of the colours used is supplied with the mosaic, so that any scattered tiles can always be replaced during installation.

The great strength of the artistic technique lies in the possibility of satisfying customer requests with an aesthetic result of great quality, which allows you to range from the most modern designs to sacred art and which, like any fine artistic artefact, is not affected by the passage of time.

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