Quadro is a glass-paste mosaic in five different colours with a strongly designed geometric decoration.
The use of just two colours generates a marked contrast that highlights the graphic component: an ordered grid of squares set within frames. The tiles measure 1.5×1.5 cm and are 4 mm thick. Coming from the R.A.L. series, they allow each of these mosaics to be combined with monochromatic modules in either of their component colours.
The laying module coincides with the single sheet of mosaic, which measures 29.5×29.5 cm and is mounted on fibreglass mesh to make laying easier and faster. The patterns of the Quadro series can also be used on the floor, in full-field laying or for decorative carpets.
Glue and grout are supplied on request, in quantities proportionate to the mosaic purchased. You can always customise the colours of the pattern at no extra charge, using the R.A.L. range.


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