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Three glass paste mosaics with a refined opalescent effect, obtained by adding an iridescent powder to the glass fusion.
The Bianco colour is made up entirely of mother-of-pearl tiles; Bianco Mix and Nero Mix balance black or white monochrome tiles and black or white mother-of-pearl tiles, randomly distributed within the module. The opalescence that characterises the tiles in this collection multiplies the shades of colour and charges the laid surface with iridescent, lively and precious reflections.
Madreperla is a vitreous mosaic composed of 2×2 cm tiles (4 mm thick) in 32.5×32.5 cm sheets mounted on fibreglass mesh (for easier application). The Madreperla series can be combined with any other glass paste collection of the same size and thickness, such as Gold/Bronze 2×2 and Project Base 2×2.


Glass paste mosaic is suitable for any vertical wall covering (interior and exterior) and for residential floors.

Note tecniche:

For laying, we recommend the use of white glue suitable for mosaics, while for filling the joints it is possible to use either fine-grained cementitious grout or epoxy grout, both of which are supplied, on request, together with the mosaic in such quantities as to have minimum waste of material.