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Eight monochrome mosaics in 8 mm thick crystal glass. The exceptional clarity of the extra-white glass and the glossy surface restore the charm of the coloured enamel applied uniformly on the back of the tiles.
From sky blue to antique pink, from red to black, including dark and trendy colours such as Taupe and Cement: Crystal offers a wide and diversified chromatic range, for vertical coverings that decorate thanks to the skilful use of colour. It can be used as a full-field tile or in a targeted manner for kitchens, fascias, niches or decorative backdrops.
The 2.3×2.3 cm tile allows this collection to be combined with other mosaics of the same thickness and size, such as I Metalli Preziosi or I Preziosi. The firing of the tesserae already cut smooths the edges, making them soft to the touch.


Single-colour mosaic in crystal glass suitable for indoor vertical cladding, including showers and submerged rooms.

Note tecniche:

All solid-coloured mosaics from the Crystal collection (including the five Crystal B/C Mixes) must be installed using white mosaic glue so as not to diminish the brilliance of the lighter colours. Either fine-grained cement grout or epoxy grout can be used for grouting. Glue and grout can be ordered together with the mosaic, in quantities proportionate to the square metres to be laid.