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Multi-format mosaic in crystal glass, available in four colour variants rich in movement: Fulvo, Kaki, Oliva and Cenere unfold a wide range of nuances, obtained by sectioning a sheet of glass decorated with a gradient through numerous shades of the same colour.
The tiles (8 mm thick) are all the same height and different widths. As they are arranged in horizontal rows, it is also possible to section the sheet (mounted on fibreglass mesh) to obtain mosaic bands, borders or frets in a variety of heights.
Elegance generates strongly shaded poses which, thanks to the different formats of the tesserae, are also moved from a formal point of view. The edges of the tesserae are tumbled but softly bevelled, an effect obtained thanks to a second firing at a low temperature.


Elegance is a crystal glass mosaic suitable for any vertical covering use in internal contexts.

Note tecniche:

Elegance is installed with white mosaic adhesive and the joints can be filled with epoxy grout or fine-grained cement grout. On request, glue and grout (in the suggested colours and others available in the catalogue) are supplied with the mosaic in proportionate quantities.