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Yellow and white gold effect mosaic in crystal glass, with a refined glossy surface. The extreme transparency of the 8 mm thick extra-white glass enhances the shine of the metal leaf, applied to the back of the sheet with a low-temperature lamination and then sealed with a protective enamel.
This is how the sumptuous crystal glass mosaics of the I Preziosi series are created: a shiny gold effect and a clear, pure silver effect suggested for wall coverings with a strong decorative vocation, ideal for luxurious environments and for sophisticated, eye-catching furnishing elements, also in combination with mosaics of the same thickness (such as I Metalli Preziosi or the plain-coloured mosaics of the Crystal collection). Compared to real 24-carat gold mosaics (I Gioielli collection), the glass mosaics in this series are a valid alternative, almost comparable in terms of aesthetics and decidedly more affordable.
I Preziosi are available in square tiles of three sizes: micro tiles 1.1×1.1 cm, tiles 2.3×2.3 cm and tiles 9.8×9.8 cm. The tiles are arranged in an orthogonal grid in 30×30 cm modules mounted on fibreglass mesh; the 9.8×9.8 cm tiles are supplied loose, in boxes of 20 pieces. The nominal thickness of the collection is 8 mm.


A series of crystal glass mosaics suitable for any interior cladding. Not recommended for use in very wet or submerged environments.

Note tecniche:

For items in this series, it is mandatory to apply epoxy adhesive and fill with epoxy grout. The grout supplied on request is also approved as an adhesive (Litokol Starlike). The use of adhesives and cement fillers is highly unrecommended.