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Superfici is a multi-material mosaic collection that combines crystal glass tesserae and natural stone tesserae of different types.
Available in five colour variants (Terra, Pietra, Ghiaccio, Grafite and Sabbia) and, for some of them, in three installation patterns (Modulo, Muretto and Treccia), Superfici is characterised by the ease with which it can be combined with a wide variety of ceramic and natural materials, within a very broad colour range.
Another distinctive feature of this glass and stone mosaic is the coexistence, within the same module, of different surface finishes: three for the natural stone tesserae (polished, matt and bush-hammered) and four for the glass tesserae (polished, matt, bush-hammered and wavy). Superfici thus boasts an extraordinary tactile and visual richness, which can cover up entire walls or complete most interior claddings with a precious touch.


Crystal glass and natural stone mosaic recommended for any interior cladding, including showers and kitchens.

Note tecniche:

The tiles are 8 mm thick; the 30×30 cm modules are mounted on fibreglass mesh and laid with white cement mosaic glue. Both epoxy grout and fine-grained cement grout may be used for grouting, both of which are supplied on request in the colours suggested in the catalogue or in any other available colour.