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A tribute to the golden age of mosaic, Antica Roma is a refined multi-material mosaic with 1.5×1.5 cm tiles (8 mm thick) in seven sophisticated dominant colours.
It is distinguished by the coexistence, within the module, of crystal glass tesserae and stone tesserae; in turn, both are partly decorated and partly natural.
The final result is a multi-material mosaic that, while coherent from a chromatic point of view, is very varied and precious. The rich colour range, together with the characteristic random mixture of stone and glass, of decorated tesserae and purely textured tesserae, make Antica Roma a collection that can be easily combined with many other wall covering materials, such as ceramics, wood, stone and natural marble.


Crystal glass and natural stone mosaic are suitable for any interior cladding, including kitchens and showers.

Note tecniche:

The 30×30 cm modules are mounted on fibreglass mesh, which facilitates installation, for which we recommend the use of white cement glue, specific for mosaics. Grouting can be carried out either with epoxy grout or cement grout. On request, glue and grout are supplied together with the mosaic, in proportionate quantities.