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The mineral energy of stone meets the warmth and naturalness of wood: New Look is a multi-material mosaic combining elements taken from six types of natural stone and elements of reclaimed nautical wood.
Suitable for both floor and wall coverings, New Look is available in three compositional variants based on 30×30 cm modules mounted on mesh: a multi-format of squares and rectangles (Square), a horizontal strip (Brick) and a weave of thin strips (Basket). The collection is completed by a strip of wood tiles only (Wood).
The woods that make up these multi-material mosaics are the most varied of those usually used for boat construction (teak, walnut, oak, cherry, etc.). Among the stones, white and black marbles stand out, while travertine is equally recognisable.


Mosaic made of reclaimed nautical wood and natural stone, suitable for indoor residential and public floors and walls; also suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Not suitable for indoor showers, spas or swimming pools.

Note tecniche:

New Look is a handmade mosaic with a nominal thickness of 8 mm. It is laid with two-component white epoxy glue (available on request) and does not require grouting as the pieces of the module are placed side by side. Small cracks between the tiles are to be considered normal. The product is also suitable for public areas subject to heavy foot traffic. The surfaces are already treated and do not require any further treatment after laying.