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A mosaic that alternates glass and natural stone to give rise to chromatically identifiable blends, which are lively and varied thanks to the large number of shades typical of natural stone.
The lightness and luminous transparency of glass meet the mineral strength of stone, in five colours that include a Matt version, with a completely matt surface, and a Glossy version, with a mainly glossy surface. The combination of stone and glass within the same palette multiplies the possibilities of combining this multi-material mosaic collection with other materials such as ceramic, wood, stone…


Pure & Natural is a natural stone and crystal glass mosaic suitable for interior wall coverings, including showers and kitchens.

Note tecniche:

The 30×30 cm sheets are composed of 1.5×1.5 cm tiles for 8 mm thickness mounted on glass fibre mesh. For laying, we recommend the use of white cement glue suitable for mosaics; for grouting, either cement or epoxy grout may be used. Glue and grout (in the suggested colours and any other colour available in the catalogue) can, on request, be supplied together with the mosaic.