An extensive collection of 4 mm thick glass paste mosaics: seventeen solid colours and seven colour mixes.
Plus the possibility of creating, on request, infinite colour combinations from our catalogue.

Gold/Bronze 2×2 offers a regular grid of square tiles 2 cm per side, in modules of 32.5×32.5 cm mounted on fibreglass mesh.
The glass paste, composed of coloured glass powder compacted by the presence of fine quartz sand, is in this case enriched with aventurine, a semi-precious metal inserted in the glass fusion: the characteristic bronze-coloured streaks, with shades tending to rust and brass, blend with the background colour, to which they add precious metallic notes.

In the seventeen compact solid colours of this glass mosaic, the different orientation of the streaks gives the installed surface a pleasant movement.
The seven multicoloured mixes are colour-shaded and further variegated by aventurine streaks.

The varying amount of dye added to the glass powder makes some colours more or less translucent.
For this reason, a white mosaic adhesive must be used for installation.

Glass paste mosaic suitable for any indoor/outdoor vertical covering and, in residential contexts, also for floor application.

As a technical product, glass paste mosaic is also suitable for cladding outdoor facades, swimming pools and for flooring inserts in certain public contexts.
The glass paste is coloured throughout its thickness and therefore has excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

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