Tartan suggests the typical Scottish pattern obtained by interweaving horizontal and vertical stripes in a regular manner, according to patterns that only in the 19th century began to identify the various clans.

Popular in many forms, from furniture to fashion, the tartan is presented here in a sophisticated version that emphasises bronze, copper and brown tones, with bright white, blue and green inserts.

The tiles of this full-body coloured glass mosaic measure 2×2 cm, are 4 mm thick and belong to the Gold/Bronze 2×2 collection.
The module corresponds to the single sheet, which measures 32.5×32.5 cm.

Glue and grout are supplied on request, in quantities proportionate to the mosaic purchased.
It is always possible to customise the colours of the design using all our single-colour products in the 2×2 cm format.

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