I Gioielli Incastonati

A collection of glass-pulp mosaics united by the presence of gold-like tiles with a yellow gold or white gold effect, randomly scattered throughout the module (7 tiles per sheet).

In addition to the seventeen compact colours available in two versions (Mix Giallo and Mix Bianco, depending on the metal-effect tiles included), there are two gold-like modules obtained by laminating the back of the extra-white glass with sheets of non-noble metals.
This gives an aesthetic effect very similar to real gold but at a much lower cost.

The glass paste, composed of coloured glass powder compacted by the presence of fine quartz sands, is in this case enriched by aventurine, a semi-precious metal inserted in the glass fusion: the characteristic bronze-coloured streaks, with shades tending to rust and brass, blend with the background colour, to which they add precious metallic notes; the different orientation of these streaks gives the laid surface a pleasant movement.

Gioielli Incastonati feature regular grids of 2×2 cm tiles (4 mm thick), in 32.5×32.5 cm modules mounted on fibreglass mesh.

Glass mosaic collection suitable for any indoor vertical covering.
Not recommended for use in very wet or submerged environments.


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