I Gioielli

With its limpid purity, gold becomes the decorative seal of environments consecrated to opulence, thanks to sophisticated and showy wall coverings or furnishing accessories.

I Gioielli is a collection of four crystal glass mosaics that lives up to its name: the brilliance of the yellow and white gold is in fact due to the application, on the back of the 4 mm thick extra-white glass, of a precious sheet of real 24 carat gold.

The gold leaf is applied by means of a low-temperature lamination process and is then sealed with a thin layer of enamel to protect it from the chemical agents of the glue.

I Gioielli are available in 2×2 cm tiles with a smooth or wavy surface, which adds a changing kaleidoscope of luminous reflections to the lustre of the precious metal.
The four items are supplied in sheets mounted on fibreglass mesh measuring 32.5×32.5 cm.

Mosaic suitable for any interior cladding. It is not recommended for use in very wet or submerged environments.

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