R.A.L. is a glass paste mosaic in nine pure and intense colours, made even more vivid by the reflections generated by the wavy surface.
The sinuous irregularity that characterises the 1.5×1.5 cm tiles is obtained by passing a roller mould on both sides of the mosaic, just before fixing the fusion in water.

Unlike most of our glass paste collections, R.A.L. is double-sided.
However, it is supplied in 29.5×29.5 cm sheets mounted on glass fibre mesh.
The small size of the tesserae makes it possible to harmoniously accommodate architectural elements (such as columns, vaults, shells and mouldings) with even a very small radius of curvature.

The glass paste, obtained by fusion at 1,100 °C, is composed of glass powder and very fine quartz sands, which are important to give compactness and strength to the mixture.
Another fundamental component is the colouring enamel, which is present in this glass mosaic in considerable quantities, for monochromatic backgrounds that unfold a wide range of colour nuances.

Glass paste mosaics suitable for vertical wall coverings (interior and exterior) and for residential and commercial floors.


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