This floral mosaic in three colour variations features large daisies arranged on monochrome 2×2 cm backgrounds: mother-of-pearl flowers on aquamarine (D) or dark green (C) backgrounds and blue flowers on a luminous mother-of-pearl background (B).
Each of the three versions available can be matched with the corresponding background colours of the Madreperla 2×2 (B) and Project Base 2×2 (C and D) glass paste mosaic collections.
The module consists of 4 sheets of 32.5×32.5 cm, for a total development of 65×65 cm. The sheets are mounted on glass fibre mesh and must be installed with white mosaic glue. Either cement or epoxy grout can be used for grouting. On request, Vitrex can supply both (glue and grout) in quantities proportionate to the modules to be installed.
It is always possible to customise the colours of the design using all our single-colour products in the 2×2 cm format.

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