Dégradé Perla

Degradé Rivestimento (covering) proposes a series of refined colour shades created with 4 mm thick glass paste tiles taken from the rich repertoire of 2×2 cm products by Vitrex: this creates soft and pleasant chromatic gradients.
The standard module includes 7 numbered sheets to be laid in vertical succession, from the seventh (the darkest mix) to the first (the lightest mix).

Each package contains an entire module, for a total development of 32.5×227.5 cm; to facilitate installation, each sheet (32.5×32.5 cm) is numbered.

It is also possible to order Degradé Covering in other colours and on other thicknesses to create customised products; and again on request, to reproportion the module in height while retaining the colour gradient.

Sheet number seven is the mixture that forms the natural continuation on the floor (Degradé Floor).
The sheets are mounted on glass fibre mesh for easier and faster laying.

Fused glass mosaic series suitable for any vertical wall covering and for indoor and outdoor floors in residential and commercial contexts.

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