Rombo is a glass paste mosaic which, on a mother-of-pearl sheet rich in opalescent reflections, draws thin black rhombi which are repeated both vertically and horizontally.

The 2×2 cm tiles (4 mm thick) come from the Project Base 2×2 series and the Madreperla 2×2 series.
Rombo can be used as a decorative motif for the white colour of the latter collection.

Riga combines two shades of lilac from the Gold/Bronze 2×2 collection to create a simple alternation of lighter and darker stripes, now thicker, now thinner.

For both Rombo and Riga, the laying module coincides with the size of the sheet (32.5×32.5 cm); the sheets are mounted on fibreglass mesh to facilitate laying and guarantee absolute continuity of the design.

Glue and grout are supplied on request, in quantities proportionate to the mosaic purchased.
It is always possible to customise the colours of the design using all our single-colour products in the 2×2 cm format.

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