V30 Ambra
V30 Ambra

V30 Ambra


An extensive collection of glass paste mosaics that expresses all the vital energy of colour: 26 solid colours and 10 colour mixes that offer a wide choice and a wide range of combinations with other wall covering materials and the most varied furnishings and accessories.

From white to red, from aquamarine to caramel: the shades in the Project Base collection cover an extensive colour spectrum.

Project Base Mix, on the other hand, offers balanced and trendy colour blends, more or less contrasted and more or less warm, for surfaces in which the movement generated by differences in tone breaks up the uniformity of the monochromatic background.

The glass paste is obtained by fusion at 1,100 °C and it is composed of glass powder and very fine quartz sands, which are indispensable to give greater resistance to the compound, enriched in this case by an abundant presence of colouring powder.
The glass paste is coloured throughout its thickness (4 mm) and is extremely resistant to abrasion and chemical attack.

This glass paste mosaic is also suitable for floor applications, for cladding of external facades and swimming pools and for use in certain public contexts.

Technical notes:
A white mosaic adhesive must be used; depending on the intended use, the joints can be filled with epoxy grout or fine-grained cement grout.

For each article we suggest the colour of grout that best matches.
On request, glue and grout (in the suggested colours and others available in the catalogue) are supplied with the mosaic in proportionate quantities.

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